How We Gave

“Audra Up”

We received a God wink from the Big Man, & we felt led to share this with others to spread His love & honor our sweet friend, Audra. So, a little back story first…Lindsey Hitch (our employee) reached out to Audra Wampler (a Powell resident) to see if she would like to model some of our Curvy Girl styles next week — she was so excited & said YES! Fast forward a couple days to Friday when we were brainstorming for new Valentine’s Day tee ideas. We discussed using a bible verse & Mendy Conner suggested John 16:33. We agreed that was the perfect verse for our tee, so we were obedient (because looking back, that idea definitely came to us from a MUCH higher power) & we followed through. This exact design was finished on Sunday & on Monday (the 9th), I shared the design with all of the employees for their input. Monday evening, we learned that Audra had passed. We were absolutely devastated & heartbroken.

So, Wednesday morning I had an idea to donate ALL of the profits from this t-shirt to the CDC-A program where Audra worked at Karns High, in her honor. I then texted my media coordinator, Peyton Baxter to run this idea by her. She thought it was the perfect way to honor Audra – after all, the special needs students in this program were like her own “kids” as she would always say! Then, this next morning at 4:00 am, I saw Audra’s obituary on Facebook & I see that John 16:33 is her FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE!!! I literally jumped out of bed to turn on the lights and make sure I read it correctly!

I was in TOTAL shock. I had no idea this was her favorite verse. There was NO coincidence that the verse, John 16:33, was placed in our hearts & minds that Friday when we were deciding on this tee. I truly believe that God spoke straight to us and we were obedient to listen to Him. God has a very special way of speaking to AND through us! The morning when this happened, God & Audra sent a big hug down here to us and I just had to share the love from them both with all those who love & miss our sweet and beautiful friend, Miss Audra Kay! ????

We were thrilled to introduce the newest design, in loving memory of one of the greatest people to ever be a part of our community! ????

Taylor Davis and Lindsey Hitch presented a $10,000 check to the CDC-A program at Karns High in Audra Wampler’s honor! The had an assembly for the presentation and it turned out so wonderful and the day was oh so special! ???? You all helped us raise just under $10,000 and we donated the remaining amount so that we could gift the school with a $10,000 check!! Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity! ???? May we never forget to pay it forward and #audraup!!!

“Gatlinburg Relief Fund” for the Fire Victims

It’s great to be a Tennessee VOLunteer! Giving is the greatest GIFT of all! Thankful for all of you who helped us raise $26,722.83 for the Gatlinburg Relief Fund!!

“Sevier County Humane Society” Animals affected by the Gatlinburg Fires

We are thankful for everyone’s help in raising $5,000 for the Sevier County Humane Society for their work in helping all of the animals affected by the Gatlinburg Fires. We are so thrilled that our donation of $5,000 to the Sevier County Humane Society was anonymously matched to make the donation $10,000!!! ???? Carla Peters and Angela Mathis presented the check to Cheri and Martha from the Sevier County Humane Society. As we all move forward from the events that happened in that area, we can continue to help everyone affected by the wildfires by keeping them in our prayers. Thank you all for your eagerness to help our neighbors!! ????

Thanks, Rhonda